Akun Tehdas expands and keeps its name

Akun Tehdas expands and keeps its name

Akun tehdas, which is community centre located in Ylöjärvi, has won the name quarrel that lasted for four years. Small corporation called Akun Tehdas Oy claimed that the name “Akun Tehdas” belongs to them.  This affair was taken to the District Court and it resolved the name belongs to Eppu Normaali Oy. The Court of Appeal agreed as well. Opponent tried to complain to the Supreme Court, but the application was declined.

In addition Akun Tehdas has constructed more property about 800 squares, so the area of Akun Tehdas is now about 3200 squares.

At the same time the web store of Akun Tehdas, that is concentrated on domestic production, has expanded greatly. Tehtaanmyymälä.fi believes, that they can reach the friends of music, movies and literature despite the regression.