Diablo is touring in Germany in the fall

Diablo is touring in Germany in the fall

Metal band Diablo is heading to Germany because the band has four gigs in October. Before that you can catch Diablo in some summer festivals and few club gigs in Finland.

Within the years Diablo has achieved a strong status in Europe’s metal band circles. The band is known for its deep sounds, brilliant riffs and of course, the vocalist Rainer Nygård’s excellent voice.

Diablo is devoted to its own style and the band has released five studio albums. The latest album ”Icaros” was actually number one in Finlands’ official album list. The album has also been released in Sweden, Britain, Benelux –countries, France and Germany. The magnificent live performer Diablo has previously toured with Children Of Bodom and Cannibal Corpse in Europe. In 2007 Diablo was Metallica’s support band in Helsinki. This summer Diablo is performing again in the same stage with Metallica but this time in Pori Sonisphere Festival. However Diablo will have its own tour in Germany in October.

Gigs in Germany:

8th of October: Knaack, Berlin

9th of October: Headbanger’s Ballroom, Hamburg

10th of October: Matrix, Bochum

11th of October: Underground, Köln