A document movie "Hey Please!" on the channel TV2 on 29th of July

A document movie "Hey Please!" on the channel TV2 on 29th of July

Yritä ees! (”Hey Please!”) is a love story – and how everything goes like hell sometimes.

Hey Please!” is the story about the young director Maiju Asikainen’s (26) first love Kaarlo, their shared rock-summer, choices, friendship and dreams. At the beginning of the story Maiju is moving back to Finland from Berlin due to her summer date Kaarlo. Kaarlo is dreaming to become a rock star, but he just messes around and is looking for himself, job and a student place at the same time. His relationship will be tested when the daily routines are getting boring.

Kaarlo and his girlfriend Maiju go through the crush, studies, fights, self-doubts, rock-gigs, parties, cohesiveness, longing, fear and falling in love. Kaarlo has the band called Miss Monster Truck and his dream involves in to the music, so what will happen to the relationship of Kaarlo and Maiju?

“Hey Please!” is a subjective movie where the storyteller is the director as well. Maiju Asikainen shares her life with the viewers with the help of her diaries and a part of the film is based on the home videos.

“Hey Please!” is Maiju Asikainen’s diploma work in Tampere University Of Applies Sciences in the department of Art and Media. The document is director’s first document movie that will be shown in YLE TV2 on 29th of July at 22.55.

Duration: 42 minutes

Director: Maiju Asikainen

Production: Nelivetotuotanto, TAMK/ Taide ja Viestintä, Dokumenttiprojekti