Negative released the collection "God Likes Your Style" on 17th of June

Negative released the collection "God Likes Your Style" on 17th of June

The Finnish rock band Negative released the collection “God Likes Your Style” on 17th of June. The collection offers hits and some exceptional songs for all those who have been interested in the band’s long career. The CD consists of the singles’ B-sides, but there are also acoustic versions about Negative’s giant hits. The collection has been named after Jonne Aaron’s very first written song. You can find the lyrics in the cover. “God Likes Your Style” –collection is like a trip into Jonne Aaron’s drawer whereas his songs have popped out to the listeners’ awareness.

”In the studio it has always been like a secession of yourself. The whole doing process have been really laid back. We have had lots of mindless and fun sessions. Our band insanity will be heard in this collection”, Jonne Aaron laughs.

Negative concentrates on working new material this year.

Song list:

1.    God Likes Your Style

2.    Loving You

3.    Childhood Memories

4.    Better Without You

5.    Heroine

6.    Lost In America

7.    My Personal Sensitivity

8.    Something

9.    Dream Flowers

10.  Black Light

11.   Dying Feelings

12.  Goodbye (acoustic)

13.  The Moment Of Our Love (original acoustic demo)

14.  Lost Soul (acoustic version)

15.  In Memoriam (live)

16.  Still Alive (album version)