Stratovarius released the new album and is touring in Europe and in the USA

Stratovarius released the new album and is touring in Europe and in the USA

One of the oldest export metal bands called Stratovarius released its 14th album “Polaris” on 13th of May.

The band’s assembly has changed within the years and at the last time the band’s founder and composer Timo Tolkki left the band because of his solo project. Stratovarius’ new guitarist Matias Kupiainen was found in Guitar Heroes- happening in Tavastia.

Thereafter Kupiainen join the band, Stratovarius began to conceive new songs for their upcoming album in a cooperative and harmonious spirit. The long-lasting project is finally over and Kotipelto comments the album as follows:

“The album keeps on the same line as the previous albums. The result is melodic, extremely fresh, strong and technically high-quality power-metal. This is plainly the most positive album from us so far. Above all Polaris is really significant milestone in Stratovarius career. It has born in pleasant and spontaneous cooperation.”

Stratovarius is touring in Britain, Germany and Russian but also in Finland. In the fall the band is performing in the USA, South-America, Canada, Asia and Japan.

The assembly:

Timo Kotipelto – vocalist

Matias Kupiainen – guitar

Lauri Porra – bass guitar

Jörg Michaels – drums

Jens Johansson – keyboard



Fright Night (1989)

Twilight Time (1992)

Dreamspace (1994)

Fourt Dimension (1995)

Episode (1996)

Destiny (1998)

Infinite (2000)

Intermission (2001)

Elements – Part 1 (2003)

Elements – Part 2 (2003)

Stratovarius (2005)

Polaris (2009)


The song list:

1.    Deep Unknown

2.    Falling Star

3.    King Of Nothing

4.    Blind

5.    Winter Skies

6.    Forever is Today

7.    Higher We Go

8.    Somehow Precious

9.    Emancipation Suite: 1st Dusk

10.  Emancipation Suite: 2nd Dawn

11.   When Mountains Fall


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