The Voice Juhannus Himosfestival made a record of audience

The Voice Juhannus Himosfestival made a record of audience

The Voice Juhannus Himosfestival was spent in Jämsä in the Midsummer. The weather was fine and the sun was shining in celebraters’ vibes as well. The festival lasted for three days and it was sold out for both Friday and Saturday. 11-year-old festival made its own record by having 38 000 participants during the festival.

Thursday’s highlight was definitely Eppu Normaali and their community singing ceremony that gathered plenty of people to join with. On Friday Yö and Klamydia entertained the audience. Other great performers were for example Anna Abreu, Stratovarius, Mokoma, Uniklubi and Maija Vilkkumaa. On Saturday the audience had a special chance to check the band Tehosekoitin that makes the come back for this summer. Certainly were Scooter, CMX, Paula Koivuniemi and Popeda really anticipated performers too.

The event’s promoter Timo Isomäki is very glad that the festival was successful. “We had no serious distractions. Both customers and personnel have enjoyed”, Isomäki commented on Saturday evening.

The Midsummer was celebrated quite cold circumstances all over the Finland, but it had no effect on partiers in Himos. “The weather wasn’t so bad after all. Thursday was a fair day and on Friday there was just one shower, but after that the weather has been fine”, Isomäki adds.

The Voice and Himosfestival are willing to continue their cooperation next year. The Voice Juhannus Himosfestival `10 will be organized in Himos on 24th – 26th of June 2010.